Digital Business Card; A Next level Approaching to Be A Brand

The old conventional paper visiting cards are always handy enough to manage. Easy to carry and share when meet new peoples, no arguments! But also so easy to lose and dump in waste bin, do you too agree? After all we are living in 21st century, in the modern digital world, then we have to go digital to withstand in this fast paced digital world. It’s more convenient and easy. Then you have some questions maybe, what is this digital business card? What is its advantage over the conventional paper type?

Digital Business card is an excellent alternative of paper cards in modern approach to networking. It will store all your business details including phone numbers, mail id, brochures, firm presenting videos and lot other details we want to reach potential clients. It is termed to be for a small introducing conversation for the consumers, which lessen the effort of client to contact you.

What Did A Traditional Business Card Do?

Simply paper cards help to provide basic contact details about the firm. In 90% of cases, after the first meeting, card may gone to trash especially because of considering the card carelessly. Other factor is the inconvenience to keep, type and save. It take some of our time and patience, which lot of people doesn’t have.

What Is Digital Business Card?

Digital Business Cards serves same purpose of that conventional type but rather convenient, paperless, one time making charges and dynamic. Not only save printing cost but also go nature friendly by avoiding paper consumption and save trees. They are more like a presentation regarding the firm, which contain all the relevant details including contact details, short intro videos of your firm, direction towards official website, social media pages and provide option to easy share the details to somebody else over through phone or other social media sites. We can easy share contact card via SMS, Links, WhatsApp message, Facebook Messenger or QR code scanner.


There are two types of Digital Business cards;

  • E-Business cards
  • V Card QR Scanner

E-Business Cards

E-Business Cards are shareable format contact signature generally through e-mails. The URLs that link to your Digital Cards also come under this category. They are not too much appealing as consider to the V Card. But easy to share over through phone.

V Card QR Code

Digital business cards with scan supporting QR codes termed as V Cards. So can completely avoid manual typing to save the details accompanied in the card. Just scan and click save to save the whole details read by the scanner/phone. QR codes are modern type bar-codes which contain A to Z details of the ‘product’. In addition add particular designs such as logos, to completely make your style professional and keep your dignity high as a brand. There are two types of V cards;

Simple V Card QR Code: Permanent in nature, can’t edit details once entered but can acquire data offline and save bulk data regarding informations about employee details too

Dynamic V Card QR Code: More dynamic compared to simple V Card, where can edit the encoded information many times and can track by GPS. Also monitor the scanning activities of QR Code by time, place, browser etc. Also avail option for lead generation, where we can designed at the time of card development.

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