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Published at 2019, March 25
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Paris - -
Paris is the pinnacle of art, history, culture and tourism. The City of Light is home to the expansive Louvre art museum, the magical Eiffel Tower and the charming Champs-Élysées lined with high-end stores and boutiques. Quaint cafes and patisseries rub elbows with both casual eateries and Michelin-starred restaurants in a city where the food scene is second to none. What’s more, Paris plays host to dozens of fun festivals throughout the year.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho - -
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho Travelers will be enchanted by the stimulating colors of Yellowstone. The Grand Prismatic Spring’s waters are reminiscent of a rainbow, Yellowstone Lake is a deep blue and framed by green trees and snowcapped mountains, and Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone’s rocky landscape is a mix of red and gold. In addition to offering incredible scenery, Yellowstone grants visitors the chance to see all sorts of wildlife (such as bears, bison, elk and otters), and there are hiking opportunities for abilities of all levels.

Rome - -
Rome Delicious food (pizza, pasta, gelato, you name it), rich coffee and excellent wine are a few reasons why travelers love Rome. However, food and drink aren’t the only things this city has to offer. You’ll find major highlights of art and history, from the Galleria Borghese to the Colosseum. Meanwhile, nearby city-state Vatican City is home to St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. Rome is also easy to reach from other destinations within Europe, and there are direct flights here from many other parts of the world (including the U.S.).

Tahiti, French Polynesia - -
This island nation in French Polynesia is home to incredible beaches, stunning natural wonders like waterfalls, and interesting museums that teach visitors about the history of Tahiti.
London - -
South Island, New Zealand - -
Phuket, Thailand - -
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona - -
Dubai, United Arab Emirates - -
New York City - -
Argentine Patagonia - -
Barcelona, Spain - -
Yosemite National Park, California - -
Santorini, Greece - -
Maui, Hawaii - -

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