Skiing in India

skeing in india
Skiing in India
Gulmarg Gondola and Chairlift
Gulmarg Gondola and Chairlift
Governing bodyIndian Mountaineering Foundation
National team(s)India

Skiing in India is an activity that mostly takes place in the northern states of India, where the Himalayas are situated. Skiing is administered by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation in India. The Himalayas provide an excellent skiing experience owing to their great height which makes for long descents. Heliskiing is also gaining popularity in places like Manali and Gulmarg.[1] However skiing in India suffers from lack of infrastructure. There are also security concerns in Gulmarg which is 20 km (12 mi) from the Line of Control, however since 2002, it has been peaceful, which has led to an increase in skiing activity in the region.[2] Some of the most popular skiing locations in India are Gulmarg in Jammu and KashmirSolang in Himachal Pradesh and Auli in Uttarakhand. The skiing season in India is from January to March.


Skiing ropeway at Solang near Manali, Himachal Pradesh

List of skiing destinations


Chairlift in Auli

Skiing destinations in India are mostly in the Himalayas and are listed here by state (North-West to South-East):

Jammu and Kashmir
Himachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh


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